The Detox Footbath:

This treatment protocol assists in the healing and recovery processes, without detoxification your body will never be able to adequately heal itself. This machine has a dual purpose; it was designed to restore your body’s pH, energy level, and to help in it’s natural detoxification process.

How does it work?

The process is to place your feet in a warm bucket of water with salt added. This opens the pores in your feet so that the toxins can drain out of your body. The copper array is then placed into the water and plugged into the machine. The array generates an ionic field that attracts the cell toxins. The session is started and you will start to see small bubbles form from the copper array. The bubbles indicate that the electromagnetic field is being created. Most patients do not feel anything during the sessions. The water will begin to change colors as the session progresses and as the toxins react with the salt and the copper array. There is not usually a significant change in the water color during a pH balance, but the majority of the time the water color is altered throughout a detox session. Many researchers correlate the color of the water with different organs detoxing.

The 18-minute pH balance setting is used prior to the detox setting. This helps balance the acupuncture meridians which correlate to different organs. Also, patients experience an increase in circulation which increases oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This will provide the cell with more energy to be used in daily processes of dealing with stress, healing, and removing wastes. Most healthy patients experience an increase in energy and feel “lighter.” Some patients with swelling, pain, gout, and headaches respond readily to these treatments. Those with arthritis, allergies, neuralgia, and other chronic symptoms have experienced benefits and relief with multiple treatments.

For best results one to two pH sessions are completed prior to starting the detox sessions.

The 23-minute detox setting is used to initiate waste removal from your cells. This will also stimulate your organs to increase their own natural process of expelling wastes. The water will be more or less dense depending on the amount of toxins excreted. Some patients feel tired after a detox session due to the fact that the body has to expel wastes that are dumped into the blood before recovery. Depending on your current symptoms and past medical history a treatment protocol may be recommended. The full treatment program consists of 10-12 sessions. Patients between the ages of 10 to 65 can be treated every other day, those over 65 years need to be treated on every third day of a treatment program. This recommended plan discourages daily sessions that would fatigue your body as it attempts to balance your detoxifying systems.

Other Methods

There are several pharmaceutical grade detox methods available including supplement programs and chelation therapy. Need help deciding which method is best for you?

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