Whiplash is the hyperextension (either forward or backward) of the cervical spine. It can occur in a car accident, fall, or in any situation where the neck is dramatically thrust forward and/or backward.

Symptoms of Whiplash include:

Visual Abnormalities
Restricted neck movement or stiffness
Neck, shoulder, or arm pain
Numbness or tingling of the neck, shoulders, back, or arms

Whiplash symptoms don’t always appear immediately after an accident. In some cases, the result of Whiplash occurs months after the accident that caused it. However, once symptoms set in they can last for months.

The most common occurrence of Whiplash follows a car accident. The sudden jolt to the head and torso can compress damage discs; throw vertebrae out of alignment; stress or tear muscle, ligaments, and/or nerve roots or the spinal cord. Damage caused by an accident can progress if not treated quickly and properly. In some cases the longer you wait to seek treatment increases the time it takes to properly rehabilitate the damage done.

The Role of Chiropractic

Following a fall or car accident where a sudden or powerful jolt to the neck occurred, and irregardless of whether symptoms of a Whiplash are present, it is always wise to contact a Chiropractor to schedule a spinal evaluation. Acting proactively can save patients time, money and, most of all, pain down the road.

For more information on the treatments Chiropractic offers patients with Whiplash, contact us.

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