Auto Accidents

Have you been involved in a car accident recently? If so, you may have sustained hidden injuries that you are unaware of. The first 72 hours after an accident are crucial and can be the most effective time for treatment. A motor vehicle accident will cause “soft tissue” damage (i.e. herniated vertebral discs) which has the potential to cause lifetime discomfort, pain and suffering. As chiropractors, we see and analyze the body as a whole but we specialize in addressing the care of the spine, its adjacent structures and the function of the nervous system. Typically, an automobile accident will cause sudden high velocity trauma in which not only your car will suffer damage but more importantly your physical body as well. Car accidents can occur at speeds as low as 6-12 MPH – while your car might not show much damage, your body might. Soft-tissue injuries are permanent and scar tissue can form in your muscles, causing them to be less flexible and prone to re-injury.

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